Photo by Karen Brown 2009Photo by Karen Brown 2009

I spent most of the 90s, including three winters a few summers and many science cruises, in Antarctica in many capacities - scientist, lab manager, search and rescue team member, and marine science technician.

In the middle of all of this in 1996 my ship came into Hobart both literally and figuratively. I knew at that point I was home...just a deep seated feeling. Before I left to return to the Ice I managed to get my temporary resident visa... After physcially moving to Hobart I became a permanent resident and finally dual citizen!

While I continued to periodically do summer work in Antarctica until 2008, from 1998, I started working at MacKillop College as their Network Manager and sustainability promoter. Working with students and staff, we installed the first photovoltaic system (PV = solar power) on a school in Tasmania in January 2008, a massive 165,000 litre stormwater collection system for watering our sports grounds and front lawns as well as a food garden and a number of energy efficiency projects.

This all led to us winning the Community Achievement Award in 2008 and the Tasmanian Awards for Environmental Excellence in 2009. We leveraged these wins into an expansion of our PV system to 4 kW and installation of four solar hot water systems and connection of the water collection system to the student toilet block.

In 2009/10, in addition to my continued employment at MacKillop College, I worked one day a week as a ClimateConnect Project officer with the Tasmanian Centre for Global Learning assisting Tasmanian schools with sustainability projects using their $50,000 National Solar Schools Program grant. This work was funded through the Tasmania Climate Change Office.

In 2010, I changed employer to the University of Tasmania where I am the Sustainability Manager looking after UTAS activities around the state to improve our sustainability performance in areas such as energy, water, transport, procurement, biodiversity, the built environment, and resource recovery. Since starting, the Sustainability team has grown to four and have won a number of awards recognising our efforts to include students in as many of our activities as possible, including bike infrastructure developments, a peak oil risk assessment for the university, and various other transport and waste projects.

In my free time, I am President of the Board of Sustainable Living Tasmania and an active member (and graduate) of the Tasmanian Leaders Program. I have Masters Degrees in Environmental Science and Public Administration as well as Diplomas in IT Network Engineering and Systems Administration.

And a huge thanks to my partner, Cameron, for using his creative energies to create a website from scratch (yes, the code and everything!)...
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